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"There are two ways to live your life. One is to live as if nothing was a miracle. The second is to live as if miracle was all. "

Albert Einstein

Shiroabhyanga - head massage

emotional-mental renewal

free from tensions and stress

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for body, mind and soul

coconut oil

cooling in nature

ideal before and after sunbathing

Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian massage

It is performed using heated natural oils that are spread over and rubbed into the entire body. This massage is accompanied by music and a Hawaiian dance, which makes it exceptionally light, harmonious and beautiful. The practitioners of this massage technique use their forearms, hands and elbows.

Hawaiian massage has a broad spectrum of effect. On the physical level, it relaxes, rejuvenates, and activates the cardiovascular and lymphatic system. It supports metabolism and digestion, balances the nervous system and increases joint flexibility.

Chocolate and Coconut massage

It includes using pure, melted down chocolate, which is mixed with natural coconut oil.

Because the formula is warm while it is spread over the body, the skin absorbs the maximum amount of nourishment of these two ingredients. Thus it is a perfect massage for a skin that needs special care: dry skin, without firmness, with general discomfort. After the massage, as your skin is regenerated, nourished and moisturised, you can notice that it is soft, silky smooth and has a healthy glow.

Bamboo massage

It is an Oriental, relaxing massage performed with bamboo sticks and brushes. The size of sticks and brushes used during a massage depends on the size and shape of muscles. The right size of tools and properly adjusted massage technique not only release tensions but also drain and model the body. Because this massage is accompanied by a proper rhythm and strength, it has an effect on the microcirculation, thus it is a perfect treatment for excessive body fat or swelling caused by water retention.

Thai massage - Nuad Phaen Boran

This massage is similar to acupuncture, which is a component of traditional Chinese medicine, albeit in Thai massage the same points on the body are stimulated only by touch. The practitioners apply slow and rhythmic pressure to certain areas of the body to relax and later to stretch muscles and joints. This increases and perpetuates a new range of motion in the body. Thai massage combines the techniques of acupressure and Shiatsu as well as stretching, opening and relaxing postures related to the asanas of yoga.

Thai foot massage

Although the name of this treatment points to the feet, the massage technique involves much more. It begins with a practitioner applying warming herbal oil to the feet and calves of a recipient and relaxing his or her muscles. Then, the feet are wrapped in warm towels and, thus prepared, massaged.

The massage is given to the sole and dorsum of the foot as well as to the toes and ankles. Also, the calves and knee areas are treated. Apart from stimulating receptors in one point, this massage includes many pleasant elements that relax and stretch those muscles and joints that carry the work done on the feet directly to the legs and spine.

Sound massage with singing bowls from Nepal

This therapy consists in a deep, cellular massage of the body, because the vibrations of singing bowls penetrate those areas into which a different massage could not reach. The mechanism of action of this treatment is one of a kind; therefore it literally effects the entire body. Thus it is a perfect remedy for all kinds of tensions, not only muscular, one-off or permanent pain, but also for mental fatigue, stress, insomnia, depression or neurosis. The sound massage stimulates imaginative skills, creativity and improves concentration. It soothes the mind after hard mental work.

Abhyanga – traditional Ayurvedic massage

This massage is a part of a traditional cleansing and rejuvenating programme called Panchakarma. Throughout this treatment the entire body is intensively massaged with plenty of sesame oil, which results in its detoxification. The movements are rhythmic and deeply relaxing to activate stagnated lymph and energy and make them flow freely inside. It energizes and tones all organs and systems, such as circulatory and lymphatic, among others. Performed regularly, this massage prevents negative impacts of stress, nervousness and exhaustion.

Abhyanga nourishes the body, improves the skin, sight and physical condition, ensures healthy sleep and all of these things prolong life. It is used as a remedy to many diseases, stress, muscular tensions, stiffness and in recovery.

It includes a head massage and full body massage using heated sesame oil or a different kind of oil that matches your constitution (dosha).

It can be performed by one or two practitioners (two-handed or four-handed massage).

Shiroabhyanga – head massage

Ayurvedic head massage is performed using heated natural amla or coconut oil. The head is a very important part of the body – it contains the sense organs: eyes, ears, nose and tongue. The head massage regenerates all these organs. It makes them function properly and harmoniously. This treatment nourishes, moisturises and strengthens hair bulbs and the scalp. Also, it improves the blood supply to the head, relaxes muscles and nerve fibres.

Working on the neck and shoulders, the areas where stress influences the major muscle groups, gives immediate relief. It improves the efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems and removes toxins from tensed muscles, which restores their flexibility and movement fluency.

Not only does the head massage relieve accumulated stress, but also it influences the entire body and, most of all, the psyche. It leaves you with the feeling of inner relaxation, peace and balance.

Regular head treatments lead to an emotional, mental and physical revival.

Cotton compress massage

This massage is one of the traditional Ayurvedic massage treatments. Ingredients used and the process itself make this massage a reducing and sweat inducing treatment. It effectively nurses and regenerates, promoting the reduction of cellulite.

The massage improves the condition and firmness of the skin, reduces body fat and stimulates body detoxification.

After the treatment, the skin is refreshed, regenerated and silky smooth and the body is soft and relaxed.